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GFab Middleware suite is a set of tools and extensions that make your application development process efficient, reduce scope of errors and improve overall productivity. Find out how GFab Middleware line can help you in your projects.

Why our clients rely on us

Our Journey

Our journey started back in 2009 when we embarked on a mission to provide interactive middleware solutions catering to interactive entertainment industry, based out of Toronto, Canada. Since then, we have grown into various industries, providing solutions and services to many companies across the world.

We are fully equipped to handle your development for in-house productivity tools, extensions and middleware solutions.

We provide solutions that create complete visualizations and simulations in 3D

No project is considered small or big for us. We take every project seriously and we are committed to deliver results irrespective of the size of your project

We specialize in optimizing workflow and implementing projects quicker. With our set of tools and solutions, you can improve productivity and get your interactive applications deployed much quicker than traditional methods of development

Most often, we have clients who require a Proprietary customized solution for their needs. When necessary, we even deploy our team at the client's location for the duration of the project and store all the code at the client's side.

Over 80% of our clientelle require some kind of on-site team deployment for various reasons.

If your project requires a client-side deployment, you can be rest-assured that we will deploy only top-notch developers as part of the team. All of our team members have undergone training before joining our company to meet our company's standards.

Discover our solutions and products and the process of our creation. Our core values are creativity, design, experience and knowledge. We present solutions that are tailor-matched to your requirements.

Some of our Projects

  • 3D Crowd Generation Solution

    One of our clients required a 3D crowd generation that would generate up to 80000 people for an arena in an interactive environment. We came up with an automated solution that procedurally generated people with different looks including clothing, hairs, gender, ethnicity, props, accessories and other details. With our state-of-the-art motion capture studio, we generated motion captured animations to animate the characters as per client's requirements and presented the entire solution for the client's use.

  • Interactable Multi-purpose Newsroom 3D Globe System

    A client required a 3D globe system that would be used in a News room environment. The requirements: to create a globe interactable by gestures. The globe should be able to zoom to city level and further into the city up to the road level using high-density satellite maps specially sourced for this purpose. The globe required integration with real-time weather and on-demand simulation of weather across the entire planet, with finer details showing up upon zooming in. Further modules developed include political scenarios such as 'election mode', 'conflict mode' to make it a multi-purpose 3D Globe system that could be used in almost any kind of situation. Further modifications and add-ons were made possible due to the modular nature of the project design.

  • Augmented Reality Advertisement System

    This project required development of an 'augmented' reality solution that would intelligently display advertising based upon the user's actions. As a proprietary solution for a confidential client, the project required development of a solution that would analyze and show real-time advertising information integrated into the user's view.