Our History at a Glance

  • T.I.P. program invests in Techooka Labs

    T.I.P. gets its first new startup project in the form of 'Techooka Labs'

  • Techbience introduces T.I.P. Program

    Techbience introduces Techbience Ignition Program to promote entrepreneurship and invest in innovative startups

  • Techbience introduces GFab Product line

    Techbience introduces flagship GFab product line to gaming companies

  • Exclusive deal with South-east Asian mobile firm

    Exclusive 5-year contract with VTC Mobile, Vietnam's top mobile company

  • Merger of Fxivity Labs

    Fxivity Labs is merged with Techbience Ltd Group

  • Techbience expansion

    Techbience expands to a team of over 50 talents

  • Fxivity Labs acquisition

    Following successful acquisition of Fxivity Labs, Techbience's business line gets a boost

  • Techbience India is established

    Techbience Technologies India Pvt Ltd is setup as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Techbience Ltd.

  • Techbience Limited was born

    Techbience Limited is incorporated

Exclusive Contracts

Techbience has exclusive contracts to develop pipelines and tools for over 2 dozen interactive media companies

We specialize in optimizing workflow and implementing projects quicker. With our set of tools and solutions, you can improve productivity and get your interactive applications deployed much quicker than traditional methods of development

Most often, we have clients who require a Proprietary customized solution for their needs. When necessary, we even deploy our team at the client's location for the duration of the project and store all the code at the client's side.

If your project requires a client-side deployment, you can be rest-assured that we will deploy only top-notch developers as part of the team. All of our team members have undergone training before joining our company to meet our company's standards.