About us

About us

Techbience was established in 2009 by two visionary entrepreneurs with several years of experience in the software development industry.

Initially established as an interactive studio to develop 3D content for interactive media, Techbience later expanded to specialize in development of interactive software, to develop middleware tools that enhance workflow and to create tailor-fit solutions for clients requiring interactive solutions.

In 2010, Techbience acquired Fxivity Labs, a Hamilton-based company specializing in augmented reality solutions and later merged into Techbience Group.

Today, we develop and provide various solutions for clients from all kinds of industries.

We also own a full-fledged Motion capture studio for performance-capture solutions.

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Our Approach

We specialize in optimizing workflow and implementing projects quicker. With our set of tools and solutions, you can improve productivity and get your interactive applications deployed much quicker than traditional methods of development

Most often, we have clients who require a Proprietary customized solution for their needs. When necessary, we even deploy our team at the client's location for the duration of the project and store all the code at the client's side.

Over 80% of our clientelle require some kind of on-site team deployment for various reasons.

If your project requires a client-side deployment, you can be rest-assured that we will deploy only top-notch developers as part of the team. All of our team members have undergone training before joining our company to meet our company's standards.

Some of our specialities

Middleware Solutions

Proven tools & pipelines that improve productivity, efficiency and overall workflow for Interactive Entertainment industries.

Interactive App Content Development

We develop tailor-made content for your interactive application needs, as per your specifications.

Training and development

We conduct training and development for your employees on-site by our highly skilled employees who will train to use industry-specific tools, catered towards the Interactive Media industry. Some of our employees are now working for AAA companies on-client's projects

GFab Middleware Product Line

Our GFab middleware product line has revolutionized Gaming industry by significantly improving productivity using our proprietory innovative tools and pipelines