Services Overview

Consumers and businesses are making sophisticated demands on manufacturers. The buyers insist on latest technologies, enhanced designs, improved materials, superior quality and enriched user experience in products. As a result, product companies are continuously in the process of innovation, re-engineering, process optimization, localization, customization and cost rationalization to meet these demands. Integrated products solutions: We help develop products that have a growing level of intelligence. The products communicate with other devices, plant floor systems and IT platforms. Intelligent connected infrastructure solutions: We weave together a seamless infotainment experience so users can access it anywhere, anytime and on any available device Engineering and manufacturing process solutions: We bring together capabilities in Engineering, Automation and IT to create solutions that enable seamless integration of processes in the plant and field environment

App Development

We have expertise in:

Developing 3D and 2D Graphics Applications involving DirectX and OpenGL Business Applications with Web and Smart Media Integration.

Application with Hardware integration including systems like Smart card access control or automation.

Business Software with back-end Database including Access or mySQL.

Interactive Software including PC and Internet-based applications.


As organizations are evolving into Digital Businesses, their application estate is set to take a giant leap. The 20th century was about building robust capabilities that allowed us to capture information from every commercial process like financial transactions, order processing, supply chain, human resources or anything that can help management with tangible insights. These were popularly termed as “systems of records.” In the 21st century, we started increasingly looking for information that resided outside the perimeter of our organization with our partners, customers, resellers and subsidiaries in other countries. Our systems became more interactive, collaborative and easy to use and delivered personalized content.

Other services

Our Graphics & Animation division is capable of doing any kind of graphics, modeling, animation and post-production work. We extensively use 3D applications for illustrations, modeling, animation and visual effects in most of our produced work, to bring quality and richness to our produced output. Some of our other capabilities include: Advertisment Design and Post-Production 3D Architectural Visualizations Stage Design for Film & Advertising Advertising and Motion Picture Complete Advertising Design, Animation and Visual Effects Production Producing stunning 'Intros' and previews Film and Entertainment Film/Documentary post-production